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Lice B Gone


Borax kills scabies mites in your laundry!!


All Free & Clear Allergen Fighting Formula
Use All Free & Clear in your hot water wash

Claritin & Benadryl (Dye Free)
These products will help ease the itching

Other Helpful Products
These things make life easier battling scabies!

You ABSOLUTELY NEED this product!!! IT WORKS!!
My youngest son, who had scabies the worst of my three children,
is LIVING PROOF that this product WORKS! It's safe and effective
and it's a healthy non-toxic alternative to that horrible Permethrin Cream!!
I also used it in the Hot Water I used with my neighbor's Rug Doctor to clean my carpets.  Lice B Gone was also applied to my PETS and I used it in my laundry and mixed it with Borax and Water to clean my household surfaces. It's SO VERSATILE!!!
Clean your carpets with Lice B Gone for added protection!!

Use 1/2 cup of Borax and a cup of All Free & Clear Laundry Detergent to kill scabies mites in your hot water wash!!
Also I poured Borax on my rugs after I cleaned my carpets with a Rug Doctor.  Let that sit (don't allow animals near it) and then vaccuumed that up (dispose of vaccuum bag immediately!)
Arm & Hammer Super Washing Soda is also great in the laundry!

Benadryl was great to help ease the itching so the kids could sleep...but in the daytime it's best to use Claritin because it does not cause drowsiness

I used the Aveeno Skin Relief body wash, Dr Woods Tea Tree Oil Castile Soap and Peppermint Oil Castile Soap - having the children alternating the use of these soaps in the shower.
Before the Lice B Gone arrived in the mail, I needed to use SOMETHING non-toxic to help treat the children's skin so I used Pure (undiluted!!!) Tea Tree (Melaleuca T36-C5) Oil on the children's skin, neck to toe, front and back for two days before the Lice B Gone finally hit my doorstep.  I often have the children soak in the tub with 20 drops or so of Tea Tree Oil in the bathwater.
I washed the pets in Dawn Original Formula dishsoap...and then treated them also with Lice B Gone.  There has been some controversy as to whether or not pets can be carriers of the human scabies mite...but I'd rather err on the side of caution and treat the animals regardless.
Hydrogen Peroxide was applied to any areas that were scabbing.
Baking Soda in the bathwater (not used at the same time as Tea Tree Oil in the bath) also helped relieve itching.  What it boils down to is that I keep doing a variety of things in the hopes that, collectively, all these things will have aided in the recovery of my children.


Removed My Upholstered Furniture
Just wanting to prevent possible reinfestation!

Ok, I realize that to *some* this may have seemed like a drastic move.  I am a VERY CLEAN person, always been very tidy and neat...I regularly clean my home using bleach & water. But when scabies came into my life, I COULD NOT SLEEP until EVERYTHING had been cleaned, and then CLEANED AGAIN and then, yep, you guessed it!  CLEANED iT AGAIN!!!
So I struggled for a while over whether or not I ought to toss my upholstered furniture into the trash.  I have read extensively on this topic of scabies and came to the conclusion that, to ME, it's just NOT WORTH taking the RISK of having possibly missed a  male and female scabies mite from the vaccuuming of the upholstery, thereby putting the children at risk for reinfestation.  JUST NOT WORTH IT but that's only my opinion.
Does it suck not having furniture right  now?
Of course. 
Do I sleep better at night?
ha ha
And I really don't believe I will have upholstered furniture again anytime in the near future.
I also got new mattresses, towels, comforters, blankets, sheets, pillows, vinyl covers for the mattresses and pillows (so that they can be wiped down with borax and water nightly before putting clean sheets on the bed (every night!!).
I THREW OUT ALL THE OLD STUFF, all the stuff that was of course infested!!!  I could not even stomach the thought of keeping it even after washing it.  I have read that these mites keep getting more and more resistant to stuff and it is scary to think my kids could go through this again if I let up on cleaning and washing. I am DILIGENT. I have the cleanest house on this side of the PECOS!!
They are still not fully recovered but they are on their way thanks to Lice B Gone!!!   Jim Rompel is a genius!!!