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Initially the children were treated with Permethrin Cream 5%...but then when I researched this cream and realized how TOXIC it can be to the Central Nervous System, I knew I needed to NOT FOLLOW THROUGH with the SECOND ROUND of Permethrin Cream a week later...I investigated other *safer* options on the internet and found out about LICE B GONE.
I have to say that after the first Permethrin treatment, the children's skin suddenly became much worse...rash developed everywhere, and my youngest had it the worst...which is why I am using his photos on this site. He did not look sooo bad when I took him to the pediatrician the first time, but that initial treatment of Permethrin really brought the severity of the problem to the surface - literally!
But I found that LICE B GONE had a similar effect.  Once the product was applied, where there might not have previously been an obvious problem, suddenly it became apparent there was an issue. But it was comforting to know that I was not exposing my children to any more toxins in the process. And with each passing day, the overall appearance of my children's skin IMPROVED.
My Motherly Instincts did not fail me! 

OBSERVATIONS between Day 2 & Day 6...the morning of Day 2 was the morning after the first application of Lice B Gone. There was definitely increased reddening of the skin and the skin was highly sensitive.  By Day 6, skin is much less sensitive, areas are not quite as red, but now browning and flaking and peeling. Also most of the raised bumps have become flat.  There was a new red bump on the left arm after his bath on the afternoon of the Day 6.
Throughout Days 6-12, marked improvement in the skin and much less itching and scratching. Bathing for one hour, alternating Aveeno Oatmeal Bath Treatments with Pure Tea Tree Oil and Baking Soda helps relieve the itching.  The children have also been taking showers using Tea Tree Oil Castile Soap, Peppermint Oil Castile Soap and Aveeno Skin Relief moisturing Body Wash.
Applying the Lice B Gone right after a shower or bath is best since the pores are open and more receptive to absorbing the product.