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The links above Photos 1, Photos 2, etc. will show PHOTOS of my youngest, who had scabies the worst of my three.

In January of 2008 my children were diagnosed with Scabies.
Looking back, we realize that in early November the children were very itchy at night, which I attributed to using a different laundry detergent.
Scabies can have up to a two-month incubation period before symptoms really start becoming increasingly difficult to ignore.
The following page are photos of my youngest taken during treatment for Scabies.  We are a work in progress.  Having watched my children suffer with this of course has caused me to suffer right along with them.
The photos document the healing process taking place with the use of a product called Lice B Gone.
...which brings me to mention the reason why I am even making this site.  Because I had read about Lice B Gone on the internet, yet could not find any consumer reviews of this product.  Seeing is believing and THIS PRODUCT WORKS! 
If I can help even ONE PARENT ease the suffering of their child(ren) by posting my experience, then the suffering of MY precious children will not have been in vain.

I also want to thank all my friends, neighbors, relatives and the kindness of some strangers who have been soooo supportive throughout this crisis - couldn't have gotten this far without you!
You really find out who you can count on and who TRULY CARES in times such as these!  Because ACTIONS speak LOUDER than WORDS! GOD BLESS YOU!!!
And, I want to say to other parents reading this site who are suffering through this, that if you experience what I did, meaning, accusations and ignorant commentary from not-so-well meaning nay-sayers, just keep your chin up and consider the source! Because anyone whose opinion that matters to me knows me to be a VERY DEDICATED MOTHER who has ALWAYS put my children FIRST.
Reminds me of a saying my mother is constantly reminding me of, "Those who complain the most, DO THE LEAST!"  LOL, HOW TRUE!